My Before and After

Day 1 6.20.2011: A sunny 5am and walking beckons
169.7 lb
It works if ya work it, but ya gotta work it every day...

Several years ago I successfully completed a 30 day juice feast and several months worth of raw eating. And now I'm back - living proof that you've got to stay with it to keep the fantastic results you'll see, or you'll slide right back to square one. Behold Square One to your left...

Below you'll find my newest Before and Afters as well as some durings... because it's fun to see living proof.

Day 1 Stats
Weight lost: 170.40lb
Inches lost: 0
Body Fat: 30.90%
BMI: 25.91

Day 8 Results
Weight lost: -(3.8) 166.60lb
Inches lost: - 5.25
Body Fat: (-.6%) 30.30%
BMI: (-.58) 25.33

Day 1 (left) ===> Day 8 (right) [12 days total]
Day 1 (left) ===> Day 8 (right) [12 days total]