Combination Recipes (Other)

Combination juice recipes made without my base recipes. Refer to my Juice Yield Page for guidelines as to how much produce you'll need.

Waldorf Cocktail
IA cool and refreshing hit of Waldorf salad - remember that odd strangely good combination of apples, celery walnuts, grapes, some kind of sauce, etc etc? I wanted to recreate that taste minus the gagaliciousness of the mayo dressing and factory chicken. The key to the authenticity of this recipe is the small amount of spring onion - don't leave it out. 

3 c Spinach Juice
3 C Celery Juice
2 C Green Apple Juice
1 c Green Grape Juice (for yields, see Soft Fruit Guidelines on Juice Yields Page)
1/4 c chopped spring onion

Place all ingredients in blender, and blend till smooth. Strain through white dinner napkin and chill at least 2 hours, or overnight. 
YIELD: appx. 2 Quart