Guidelines for Feasting

This is a Naomi version of Juice Feasting. You can do whatever it is that floats your boat. See below for what constitutes my Juice Feasting Guidelines:
    A feast is considered 'successful' when the most of the following conditions are met:
    1. Consume 2 Quarts Green Juice minimum daily PLUS up to 2 Quarts Colored Juice, or the nutritionally appropriate equivalent, to make about a gallon. Meet  nutritional goals daily.
      • This means meet minimum but do not exceed maximum calorie goals
      • This means meet protein and fat requirements as well as carbohydrate and sodium requirements.
      • Track daily if possible using Livestrong
    2. Maintain juice intake without solid food for consecutive days, aiming for [undetermined] days total.
    3. Blog as often as possible
    • This means no lying for the sake of looking good or making oneself out to be a more consistent juice feaster than one is! Even when really, really tempted to gloss over it.
    • Post clear recipes when possible and add to the juice yields page as you track i
    Occasional 'slips' into cooked or solid food are recognized as unavoidable therefore the following allowances are made:
    Work Assignments
    • Limit contact to one bite per tested food item. 
    • Limit total caloric content of solid foods to less than 20% of daily intake
    Special Occasions (Weddings, Funerals, Graduations and Births/Baby Showers).
    • Try to aim for raw, fresh fruits and veg choices if possible at events. 
    • Drink juices as usual during the rest of day before and after, following nutrition guidelines as best as possible. 
    • Limit caloric content of solid food as much as possible without drawing attention away from Guest of Honor.
    • Any fruit or veg that will completely juice with little to no pulp may be eaten whole without removing the feasting status. Example: watermelon flesh.

    A Juice Feast will have been considered restarted when any of the following conditions are met:
    1. More than 12% of calories consumed are consumed in solid food in any given day, on days where Special Exceptions must be made.
    2. Solid Food is consumed for any reason other than the Exceptions outlined above.
    3. More than 3 occasions meriting Special Exceptions  occur within a period of 72 hours or less.
    A Juice Feast will have been considered aborted when any of the following conditions occur:
    1. Blogger 'slips up' under number 2 (above) more than 3 times in any given week OR more than 20% of total weekly caloric intake.
    2. Blog becomes abandoned or is updated less than weekly
    3. Blogger indicates that they are abandoning Juice feast or any reason including bu tnot limited to health concers, boredom, hormones, or winter blahs
    Blogger may credit a successful feast, even when non consecutive days are observed in the event that total period of Special Exceptions constitutes less than 20% of averaged days or total caloric intake from solid food constitutes less than 20% of total averaged intake during period of time.