Saturday, June 18, 2011

Juice Feasting: Introductions all around.

A few years ago, I successfully completed a 30 day juice feast. I felt light, focussed... refreshed.

Unfortunately I had a ghetto juicer that was a lot of work and effort to clean and use, and I let the juicing 'thing' go by the wayside.

Fast forward to 2011. Not only have I let the juice slide, but my eating habits are starting to get me into trouble. Weight gain, poor skin.... I'm in need of refreshment.

Here I am, looking forward to entering into another juice feast, and I return to the original, warm and fuzzy site that got me started in the whole process, only to find out - lo and behold - that you now have to pay... BIG BUCKS... for any information.

I'm all for making a career out of helping people, but something about locking down even the forums for a fee just ticked me off.

What about people like me, who used to have access to the information, have gone away for a long-long while and now can't really remember it all?

What about newbies who might be thinking about this but not sure they will commit?

I tried looking at blogs from other folk - inspirations abound... but not a whole lotta brass tacks. I needed details. And details are in short supply.

So I thought to myself, why not save you, gentle reader, from this fate?

Here you'll find the following:
  • Clear recipes for the juices I'm drinking. With quantities. Because it's good to know what you need before you buy or pluck it.
  • My honest reactions and thoughts on each day's journey - a 'what to possibly expect' for those looking to engage.
  • Hints and tips for surviving the bumps and bruises of the real world, and hopefully some balance over the 'all or nothing' mentality often encountered in the raw, vegan, juicing worlds...
I promise you this - I will be real. I will be detailed. I will be happy to answer your questions when I can. To the best of my ability and educational background the answers I give will be based in real fact, not pseudoscience.

A little later I'll post my first official Day 1 entry, with pics, for your amusement/enjoyment/educational pleasure.

Welcome, and good luck!

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