Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days 3 and 4. There's "Roadblock" and there's "Utter Train Wreck"

What's a girl to do?

We were finishing up the very last rounds of judging this bleeping national recipe contest - naturally this meant two days of eating, eating, eating. Even at small bites, it was a lot.

There's being flexible. But this was derailment.
Now... my life isn't always like this. But between the two days there wasn't much juice:bites ratio; and being the kinda gal I am I do think there has to be  *some* boundaries before you call something a juice feast.

So what I've decided to do is to make a sort of 'weights and balances' list of rules to follow as to what will constitute my juice feast. You can find it here. I think for any of us with real, actual lives, this is probably beneficial - it occurs to me that unless one has complete control issues or is blessed enough to work at a health and wellness center like Tree of Life or is doing this vocationally, there is going to need to be flexibility. Without the guidelines, though, flexibility can turn into ghetto-claiming-credit-for-something-you-didn't-do-or-did-half-arsed.

Today's Menu:

  • 1 Cup Fresh Juice Base
  • 1 cup the stuff I made for tomorrow
  • another cup the stuff I made for tomorrow (tune in next time!)
assorted other:
  • You don't want to know. Seriously. But in all fairness more than 50% was raw fruits and veg, so at least there's that.
I didn't track today because I couldn't face the facing of the music.


  • Life doesn't always cooperate with one's hopes and dreams, no matter how small they may be.
  • My garden is busting - I even got 6 new potatoes out of it in random places when weeding. Thank-you-kiddos!
  • Make your own list of guidelines - allow for some derailment, and make a plan to how to get back on the horse if the train is unavailable due to destruction....
  • Flexibility only goes so far.
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  1. Hang in there!!! I love your blog, I'm on Day 53 and yesterday was tough for me too - starting to contemplate ending the fast but I want to be very mindful. Your blog has given me new hope. Tomorrow is another day!!

  2. Thanks, V!

    It was so long ago that I'd made my 30 days, that this really feels like a fresh start... with all the attendant ups and downs. I'd love to read more about your journey - have a blog/link/etc where you post?