Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 2: Standardization and Success!

Last night I was up about 4 times to use the restroom. I know a lot of people say you are shedding toxins blahblahblah - and to a degree that's true - but the truth of the matter is, I'm getting about a gallon a day of liquid in. A gallon. Most common wisdom says to get in a half gallon a day - how many people actually do that? - and although I myself am pretty close to a half gallon if you add all the tea and water, there's no way I'm usually drinking a full. flippin. gallon.  So my theory - unscientific though it may be - is that I'm peeing that extra half gallon. All night.

It's all good.

     So yesterday I completely lost it on the green juice - I drank it; but I wasn't happy about it. Why is it that green juice always tastes like you spit in a cup and then sipped it?  Today I decided that if I was going to have to drink green juice, I'd better do something about it. So I made up some basic recipes, and decided to clue you all in on one big secret - standardization. In my previous life (aka college) I studied foods and nutrition. Yes really, I did. And got the degree to prove it. One really helpful thing I learned was to standardize formulas, recipes, and other assorted food items, so that one could, in theory, get the same result over and over and over - and quickly.
     I sat down and came up with three basic formulas for Base Juices - these juices could be used by themselves or could be mixed with other things to make New Juices. A shorter, easier, smarter way to ensure that I don't dread the Green Juice part of my Juice Feast. And a way for you to take my journey as inspiration without having to guess what exactly I meant by carrot/cucumber/kale/garlic juice and ending up with 2 quarts of 'cold spit'. I've posted my Juice Bases and Basic Juice Yields as pages for ease of reference for you and for myself.
     Long story short - I LOVED these bases, and loved being able to make the same tasting bases over and over again - something I got to test out because my Lil Guys drank my share. Twice. Personally I suspect they just liked using the powerful new juicer and 'milking' the juicing napkin like it was a cow. But they insist that's not it. The juices are good. Really Good.
Yes, I am bragging.
     I had product testing today - so had 2 bites of Strawberry Cake and a very small slice of Kahlua Cake. While this is not ideal - and coated my tongue immediately in an unpalatable way. Thank-You-Juice-Feast. - it is part of my life. And as I said in my Basics post, one needs to be flexible.

Today's Menu:
  • 1 Quart Fresh Juice Base - imagine melon and a light summer breeze in a jar
  • 2c Basic Savory Base - as my 7 year old says, "It tastes like soup!"
  • 1 Quart Basic Sweet Base, made with peaches in the Soft Fruit part of the recipe - sweeeeeeeeeeet.
  • 2c Curry House Cocktail
  • 2c pure spinach juice
  • 1 tbsp bee pollen
assorted other:
  • 1 bottle SOBE Goji Pear Yerba Mate
  • two bites fresh strawberry cake 
  • tiny slice Kahlua bundt cake
Livestrong says the cakes put me about 200 calories over goal. Big Surprise. On the other hand I've pretty much met my requirements for nutrition.
  • You will pee. Every hour or two. For at least the first 2 days. Be prepared and stay close to a potty.
  • I hate blogger sometimes. Anyone know how to fix formatting and get rid of extra spaces?
  • Use my Juice Bases and Basic Juice Yields . It will make your life easier. Promise!
  • Be flexible - fit this Feast into your life, not the other way around.
Have a Question? Feel Free to Ask!

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